"For I will Restore health to you and Heal you of your wounds, says the Lord..." Jeremiah 30:17 NKIV




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 Hope Schools of Ministry Consortium

To Contact a School for more information click on their email address.

Brinson Institute   (Chicago - Metro Region)          

Apostle Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III               apostledoc7@aol.com


Body of Christ Bible Institute & Seminary   (Chicago, Il.)

Apostle Dr. Yvonne Lee Wilson                            info@bodyofchristdelmin.com


Christian Counseling Training Institute     (Chicago, IL.)

Apostle Dr. Shawnette Houghton                             shaunettehoughton@yahoo.com


The Misrah Academy   (Chicago-Metro Region)

Apostle Dr. G.E. Bradshaw            http://www.globaleffectministriesnetwork.c/


Christian Heritage Training Center  (Chicago, IL)

Apostle Dr. Mary Trout Carr                  


Midwest Bible College & Seminary (Schererville, IN)

Rev. Dr. Barbara Davis -Taylor                             bdavis1212@sbcglobal


Amazen Grace School of Ministry      (Chicago, IL.)

Evangelist Dr. Maria Sharron Carey             mailto:amazgracc@yahoo


Prepared Soldiers School of Ministry     (Chicago, IL.)

Apostle Dr. Steven Pettis                            slpministries@yahoo.com           


Bible Artillery Training School (B.A.T.S.)   (Matteson, Illinois)

Apostle Dr. Marnetta Tate                       ministermarnetta@aol.com


Nothing But Jesus Bible College     (Chicago, IL)

Dr. Elaine Mizenburg            elainemizenburg@sbcglobal.


Eagle"s Eye School of Ministry     (Jackson. Mississippi)

Apostle Dr. Mary L. Moore         mlmoore3375@att.com


Majestic Bible Institute & Seminary    (Orlando, Florida)

Dr. Linda A. Mullins         elamullins@yahoo.com


Temple Of Deliverence Bible Institute        (Chicago, IL.)

Apostle Dr. Eriq T. Harris Sr.         eldereharris@sbcglobal.net


 Ramah Institute of Theology       (Chicago, IL.)

Apostle Dr. Carol Sherman          cdcmfpp@aol.com


 Rehoboth Bible College & Seminary (Olympia Fields, IL) 

Apostle Dr. I.D. Harris                  http://www.rehobothidh.org/


Erskine Bible Institute & Theological Seminary   (South Bend, Indiana)

Apostle Dr. Erskine Jones         erskineinc@aol.com


Life Builders Prophetic Institute      (Ifo, Ogun - Nigeria, West Africa)

Dr. Gabriel Segun Ogunjobi       reverendgabriel2005@yahoo.ca.

Healing The Broken Hearted Ministries   (Chicago, Il.)

Bishop Chepust Thompson Ph.D.              htbhministries@aol.com     dvthompson12@gmail.com  

City On The Hill Bible College  (Brakpan,Johnesburg, - South Africa)

Bishop Mishael Carson       mishael64@hotmail.com


 University of Apostolic Training (UAT)   (Accra, Ghana)

Bishop E. Jehoshophat Quartey Th.D.,D.D.L., D.D.    www.uatgh.org


Dr. Margaret L. White Bible Institute & Seminary  (Chicago,IL.)

Pastor Margaret L. White Th.D.,


Praise & Mime School of Perfection            (Chicago - Metro.)

Dr. Patricia Jean Phifer           www.praisemimeperfection.vpweb.com/


The Order of Melchizedek Leadership Institute & Seminary            (Laveen, AZ)

Apostle Dr. Francis Myles      www.francismyles.com   the newdrmyles@gmail.com

Finance According to your Faith Wisdom Institute            (Chicago,IL)

Dr. Deena Marie Carr


Maturing The Believer In Christ Developmental Center     (Gary, IN)

Apostle Dr. Sherman Arrington

  For information on becoming a member of our Consortium or setting up your School of Ministry. Please call our office (773) 616 - 1951 or email us at. Apostledoc7@aol.com 

                                                                 Apostle Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III.

                                             May God Bless you as you "study to show yourself approved..."



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