"For I will Restore health to you and Heal you of your wounds, says the Lord..." Jeremiah 30:17 NKIV




                                            Hope Outreach Ministries Inc.

Hope Outreach Ministries, Inc. is a ministry seeking to minister to the whole person in every area of life through the development of Christian Faith and Discipleship.  HOMI was organized and founded as a church in December 1983 by Apostle Sylvester Paul Brinson III. 

Having participated in many areas of the Chicago Metro-Community both in the church and secular life, Apostle Brinson became sensitive to the fact that the church and its society needed to be drawn closer touching each other in a deeper and broader relationship.  It is out of this heart-felt conviction and being led by the Holy Spirit that HOMI was established with the following goals and objectives.

---To create a spiritual ethos by which one can relate harmoniously.

---To stimulate the faith community (spiritually, mentally, physically) to a deeper understanding and commitment to the gospel.

---To provide for nurturing, facilitating and enablement in the understanding and participation of the christian experience.

---To engage in self-definitions of reasons for being.

---To act as a catalytic agency in the resourcing for the christian community.

                                                         Program Divisions

---Music and The Performing /Fine Arts - creative arts ministry, drama, etc.,

---Prayer Outreach - ministry of intercessary, meditation and devotional life.

---Wellness Institute - providing for holistic health through exercise, aerobic, health and body tone, nutritional guidance, massage therapy, etc.,

---Hope Consortium of Pastoral Care and Mental Health Care Providers - to equip the Body of Christ for effective Holistic Spiritual care.

---Hope Outreach Crusades - evangelistic ministries, revivals, conferences, crusades.

---Hope Institute - Bible College & Seminary, Center for Lectures, seminars and workshops.

---Hope Outreach Ministries -  Empowerment Center - Worship Centers, Brinson Institute

---Prison Outreach - Life Changing Ministries- (Life Changing Ministries Fellowship) ministry to those incarcerated and after care.

---Veteran's Affairs - ministry to veterans, pastoral spiritual care and supportive services.

---Development - Marketing and Provison for the developing of new strategies for vision implementation.

---The Apostolic Company - Empowerment Network - a Collaborative of Cutting Edge Leadership and Apostolic Networks representing The Ministry, The Marketplace and The Municipality. The Kingdom of God in the Earth. It is Multi-Ethnic, Trans-Denominational, Cross-Cultural Fellowship facilitating voluntary cooperation and accountability for the purpose of broadening horizons and expanding the scope of Kingdom Building.

            Hope Outreach Ministries Inc.  &  Hope Outreach Ministries International Inc.

                                            Florida   -   Georgia   -   Illinois   -   Indiana   -  Texas  -  Michigan  -  Canada


                                           Apostolic Headquarters/Apostolic Regional Center

       Apostle Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III - Governing Apostle           

                               8600 South Bishop - Chicago, IL. 60620 - 773 - 616 - 1951 

                                                          Email: apostledoc7@aol.com 

                                                Mailing Address: P.O. Box 466 - Hazel Crest, Illinois 60429 


                                                      State of Florida - Headquarters

                                                     Majestic Temple of Faith Ministries

                        Apostles Drs. Eric & Linda Mullins - Overseer Apostles - Florida District

                             5125 Adanson Street, Suite 800       -      Orlando, Florida 32804


                                                South Florida District   -  Mailing Address

                                                                     P.O. Box  7726

                                                           Port St. Lucie, Florida 34953


State of Kentucky - Headquarters

Apostles Dr. Carl U. Sr. &  Donna Smalls - Overseer Apostles Kentucky District

Restoration Worship Center

640 Olivia Alley     -    Radcliff, Kentucky. 40160


Midwest Regional - Headquarters

Apostle Dr. Erskine Jones - Governing Apostle

Sweet Home Ministries

410 South Taylor     -     South Bend, Indiana 46601


For More Information         http://wwwthebrinsoninstitute.org